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Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Business Builders: Go from Manuscript to Best-Selling Author in 60 days with...


with Jesse Krieger

"Jesse made me the #1 best-selling author in THREE categories at once!" 

- Michael Atma, Master Your Mindspace

Hi, I'm Jesse Krieger, best-selling author, Founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press and Host of the Book, Business & Brand Building Summit...

It's been said that trial and error is the most expensive way to learn. I'm going to save you MONTHS of time and THOUSANDS of dollars by sharing my hard-earned business, writing, and publishing experience with you. 

After personally publishing 15+ best-selling books over the last two years, I know what works in publishing RIGHT NOW. I want to help you create and launch your best-selling book to the audience that needs it most.  

Stop dreaming about writing and publishing a life-changing book, and work directly with me in Bestseller Campaign Blueprint to create your future. At the end of eight weeks, not only will you have a professionally designed book, you'll have a specific plan for creating a six-figure business. Let's bring YOUR book to life! 

To your success, 


8 Weeks of LIVE Expert Training

I will be running 8 LIVE weekly training sessions starting mid-July through mid-September. You and I will work together to bring your best-selling book to life!

This is my very latest, cutting edge material that comes from running a fast-growing publishing company full time.

Exclusive Members' Portal

Access All the Trainings and Downloadable Exercises with 24/7 Lifetime Access to the Members' Portal.

Although this is a LIVE training experience, you also get instant access to all the previous training recordings I've created right away in case you can't wait to start!

Private Facebook Group

Meet and collaborate with fellow bestselling authors and get your questions answered. Be supported by 100+ community of authors and entrepreneurs!

Many previous participants have collaborated and even co-authored books. Take advantage of this valuable community.


“Thanks to Jesse I am now officially a bestselling author. After years of trying to publish my book by myself, Jesse saved me!”  

– Dan Munro, The Legendary Life

Your Gold or Platinum Bestseller Campaign Blueprint Registration Includes:

Eight weekly LIVE interactive trainings with best-selling author and publisher Jesse Krieger to take you from manuscript to published book and beyond (also recorded for your convenience).

Exclusive Facebook group to create and expand your author network, give and receive support, and get your writing and publishing questions answered. 

Special bonuses, including access to your choice of successful bestseller launch campaign examples, a special invitation to the Bestseller Summit LIVE 2016 event, and more!  

Want even more personalized support? Check out Platinum Level for one-on-one coaching from Jesse!

"Become a BEST-SELLING AUTHOR in 60 days and launch your Big I.D.E.A. into the world with my proven formula:"


Finish the manuscript and rough draft of your book

In this first training I'll show you how to find and work with professional editors and ghostwriters, as well as a number of creative ways to crank out 2,000-3,000 words of killer content in 30 minutes by recording and transcribing topical interviews. 

This tactic alone has cut down the time to write my second book by nearly 70%, creating 150+ page manuscript in less than 60 days.

Week 1

Week 2

Cover design and interior layout mastery

This week you'll learn how to get a killer cover designed quickly and affordably, and then how to have a consistent look and feel throughout your book to delight your readers as your inspire and instruct them.  

Imagine your ideal clients being drawn to you through your book because your cover design and reading experience convey that you are the exact right person to help them.


Develop a pre-launch campaign and build a launch list

This training shows you how to go from no list to hundreds, and eventually thousands of emails in a matter of weeks, not months or years. 

You will see the exact campaigns I used for my book and for other Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press authors, and we’ll have implementation experts on-hand to help get a landing page launched and your email list growing.

Week 3

Week 4

Create your audio book and social media presence

I’ll show you how to capture names and emails from people who are even just casually browsing Amazon and checking out your book 

Remember when I said that hitting a best seller list exposes you to 4-5x the number of people? Well, using this one trick that we use on every book launch, you can now capture the names and emails of casual readers and customers on Amazon who you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.


Launch your book to the world the RIGHT way

It's Launch Time! In this training you'll learn how to Execute your book launch and watch it rocket up the charts. 

This is the most exciting part! I’ll show you step-by-step how to roll out your launch so it builds on itself and geometrically expands to a larger and larger audience…which means higher and higher chart placements!

Week 5

Week 6

Expanding the launch through contests and promotional partners

This training is all about maximizing engagement. One of the ways to do that is by setting up a contest. I'll share a special method to use not only to increase engagement by 250% or more, but to pre-qualify customers for your high-end coaching and training services.


Building back-end product and training programs

Offering a suite of back-end training products and programs is a great way to transition your readers into customers and clients, while delighting them with an expanded experience of the ideas and inspiration in your book. 

This is where we build on your best-selling book launch to grow a 6-figure business as an author, speaker coach, and also a trainer and entrepreneur!

Week 7

Week 8

The Bestseller Campaign Blueprint Life Cycle

In this grand finale training, I show you how to use Amazon’s promotional programs to launch and re-launch your book multiple times per year, reaching ever larger audiences and rolling out new products and programs to exponentially grow your impact, influence and income!

"After just listening to the introductory training call, I began turning my book into a Kindle bestseller!" 

- Reba Linker, Follow the Yarn

8 Weeks of Training + Q&A with #1 Bestselling Author Jesse Krieger, but that's not all...

Your Bonuses with Registration:


3 Bestsellers + the Launch Campaigns

Take your pick of any 3 of the best-selling books we’ve published and launched using the Bestseller Campaign Blueprint PLUS the launch blueprints for each one. 

Take a look through the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press catalogue and choose any 3 books that strike your fancy. We have over 15 to choose from, and they have almost all hit at least #1 Amazon best-seller category...usually more. You'll get hard copies of your selections mailed directly to you... Plus you'll receive the actual launch campaigns used to carve their path to best-seller status! 

I don't offer these anywhere else, and this is the perfect complement to your Bestseller Campaign Blueprint experience.

$197 Value FREE with Bestseller Campaign Blueprint

Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

The Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur 6-Disc Audio Training Program walks you step-by-step through the process of lifestyle design and entrepreneurship in a fun, engaging way.

You get immediate access to this 6-Part Audio Training program ($197 value), here's what is included: 

Disc 1: Become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur – Creating Your Vision-MAP 

Disc 2: Discover Your Identity & How to Identify Your Market 

Disc 3: The Right Type of Business for You – Turn Your Interests and Passions into Products and Services 

Disc 4: Learn the 21st Century Internet Economy and Build Your Castle in the Cloud 

Disc 5: How to Build Websites, Drive Traffic and Promote Your Business Online 

Disc 6: How to Succeed and Grow as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Why Some People Never Win.


$197 Value FREE with Bestseller Campaign Blueprint


Free Ticket to Bestseller Summit LIVE 2016!

Learn the exact strategies I’ve used to launch 15+ best-selling books LIVE!

It took me three years of trial and error to figure out how to consistently launch best-selling books. Avoid the most expensive form of learning (trial and error!) by learning directly from someone who has a proven formula for success. 

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, the publishing company I founded, has a proven track record of best-selling book launches and at Bestseller Summit LIVE I’m going to teach what’s working now so you’ll have cutting edge strategies to implement with your book, business and brand.

PLUS - The 2nd Annual Pressy Awards!

Join our second annual Pressy Awards ceremony, where we will honor all the Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press authors who have released best-selling books over the last year.

$497 Value FREE with Bestseller Campaign Blueprint

"Jesse is very thorough. The content provided far exceeded the cost of the course. Each module of the course built my enthusiasm for the next.

I have a publish date set and I am on schedule. He shared very practical and useful knowledge and I have no doubt his methods will work. I love the way he continues to make himself available to his students. This was time and money well spent! "

- Clark Gaither, MD, FAAFP, Author of Power Words

“Straight to #1! Jesse’s system works like a charm.” 

- Daniel Munro, Author of The Legendary Life

Of all the leaders and coaches, I like you best! Your personality. You are very real, humble, generous, awesome at entrepreneurship and a great role model for me. If people one day think of me, how I think of you, I'll be very very proud!! 

- Annica Törneryd, Author of The Last Single Mother

I'm excited to share this brand new Bestseller Campaign Blueprint training with you and help you complete a book you can be proud of, and run it up to #1 Bestseller! 

When you reserve your spot today, you'll get instant access to all our previous recordings, bonuses, private Facebook group and members' portal. That's over 15 hours of pre-recorded expert author training PLUS eight weeks of LIVE training starting in July! 

I'll also be answering all your questions in the Facebook group (plus over 125+ other authors giving you support). Clai your spot in our Gold or Platinum program now!

To your success,




8 Weeks of LIVE Online Training & Community Building (Plus Recordings)

Lifetime Access to Members' Portal and Bestseller Campaign Blueprint FB Community

FREE Ticket to Bestseller Summit Live, Oct 28-30 in LA

VIP Ticket to Bestseller Summit Live, Oct 28-30; VIP Cocktail Reception; Meals Included + Private Q&A

Bi-Monthly Platinum Mastermind Calls (4 total, recorded): Network and Grow with Our Platinum Mastermind

60-Minute Deep Dive Strategy Call with Jesse Krieger

2 x 30-Minute Laser-Focused Accountability Calls with Jesse Krieger

Bestseller Summit Live VIP Cocktail Reception on Thursday October 27 @ 6:00pm

Bestseller Summit Live VIP Q&A Session with Jesse Krieger & Laura Gisborne on Sat., Oct. 29 w/ Lunch

$597 One-Time Payment

or 2 x Monthly Payments of $299

$1,997 One-Time Payment

or 3 x Monthly Payments of $697

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Risk FREE! Try it for Yourself and Then Decide! 

Begin this LIVE interactive learning journey with me, plus get instant access to all the previous trainings I've delivered AND our fast-growing community.  

Try it all out for 30 Days and get started now. If you have done the work, taken action and NOT gotten results, you will be entitled to a 100% refund.


Questions? Email 


BESTSELLER CAMPAIGN BLUEPRINT teaches you to become a #1 best-seller and build a back-end book-based business and brand. Founded by Jesse Krieger, the International best-selling author of “Lifestyle Entrepreneur,” the program includes live training, an exclusive community and a private membership portal. 


We don’t believe in programs that tell you how to get rich quick – but we are all about amplifying your interests and passions to create a business you love supporting the lifestyle of your dreams. Our programs are intended to kick start your journey of entrepreneurship and lifestyle design, as well as give you the tactical strategies and support to do so. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don’t know you (yet) and, anyways, your ultimately responsible for your own success in life. Do you agree? Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings – all numbers are illustrative only. Anyway, all of our terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed via the links on this page. It’s all the regular legal language but we feel it is important to put it out there and be open and honest about it. Thanks for visiting. As always, learn what you need to know, to do what you love to do, so you can be the person you deserve to be.

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